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Bridges, Box Culverts and other Hydraulic Structures

  • Conceptual design and modelling;
  • Materials selection (Reinforced concrete, Steel, Steel-concrete composite, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete etc)
  • Dead and Live Load computation and analysis;
  • Global and local analysis;
  • Superstructure design to BS 5400 and Eurocode (Using MIDAS CIVIL);
  • Abutment, wingwall and pier design;
  • Analysis and Design of shallow, improved and piled foundations (Using MIDAS SOILWORKS);
  • Dynamic analysis and seismic design.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Building Structures

  • Concept design development and modelling;
  • Dead and Live Load computation for each building element;
  • Materials selection (Reinforced Concrete, Steel etc);
  • Structural analysis and design of the buildings’ structural elements using either MIDAS NGEN, PROKON, PROTA STRUCTURES and ROBOT STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS;
  • Steel design for industrial structures;
  • Wind load analysis;
  • Foundation design i.e. pad footing, raft foundation, pile foundation;
  • Seismic analysis and design;
  • Drafting.