Water and Environmental Engineering

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

  • Detailed Catchment studies for stormwater, roads and bridge structures, dams and hydropower
  • Extreme Rainfall Intensity and Frequency Analysis
  • Statistical analysis of river discharge and lake water level extremes
  • Flood routing and estimation of design peak flows for roads, bridges and drainage structures
  • Surface and ground water interaction studies
  • Hydrological analysis and modelling US EPA SWMM and HEC-HMS Models
  • Water Resources Planning and Management (Water Quantity and Quality studies)
  • Detailed Urban Hydrological studies
  • River basin management studies.

Hydraulic Modelling and Engineering

  • Planning and economic analysis of highway projects
  • Geometric design and traffic analysis of highway links and intersections (junctions),
  • Design of flexible and rigid pavements

Sustainable and Resilient Water Systems

  • Population and Water Demand Analysis;
  • Allocation of demands to nodes in water distribution systems
  • Design of water and wastewater treatment processes;
  • Modelling, Analysis and Design of water transmission, storage and distribution systems
  • Detailed design of pumping stations, purification plants and reservoirs;
  • Modelling, analysis and design of urban storm water and sewer systems;
  • Design of solar powered water supply systems;
  • Preparation of water utility performance improvement plans.

Water Infrastructure Resilience Studies

  • Evaluation of climate change impacts on water systems
  • System failure analysis studies
  • Infrastructure risk assessments
  • Vulnerability assessment.